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Grad 2017 Eligibility Requirements and Process

Introduction – In the fall, Ms. Williams, Ms. Roberts and Mr. Larson and the Counsellors met with all Grade 12’s to go over the requirements to be eligible to participate in the Recognition Ceremonies graduation:

These requirements are:

  1. As of May a student must be eligible to receive a High School Diploma, the Knowledge and Employability Certificate, or the Transitions Certificate.
    • a student in the regular program must be registered in a minimum 105 credit program, and a student in K and E. must be registered in a minimum 85 credit program unless the student in each program has a full course load.  Students must have six of eight blocks of time full.
    • a student must be passing all those courses that are required for the diploma/certificate sought
    • if a student is taking any courses through ADLC or Golden Hills Learning Academy or other outreach  programs, seventy-five percent of all lessons must be successfully completed by April 24th, 2017.
  2. All course, textbook, and grad fees must be paid in full. There can be no outstanding fees or textbooks.
  3. The student must be registered in Strathmore High School and taking the majority of his or her core Grade 12 program at Strathmore High School in the second term.
  4. The student has not participated in any other Grad Ceremony.

The first eligibility lists will be posted following the report card in April. The lists will indicate which students are eligible, which have problems or issues to be resolved and also those who are not eligible at this time. Students will have approximately 3 weeks to correct all deficiencies. Common issues include attendance concerns, unpaid fees, failing key courses, missing High School diploma requirements, or outstanding textbooks.  The final eligibility list will be posted on May 15, 2017. Grade 12 students will be expected to convey key dates and details about eligibility to their parents. Throughout the year parents can check our newsletters or our school website for updated information on the Recognition Ceremonies.

Hopefully, students plan carefully and work hard so that they have a clear eligibility. If students drop courses, do not complete all modules in CTS courses, or fail courses during the first term, they must see a counselor immediately to pick up additional courses if necessary to meet eligibility requirements. All Grade 12 students are encouraged to make an appointment with a counselor early in the school year to ensure that they will meet all requirements and so that they will be eligible to participate in Recognition Ceremonies and receive their diploma or certificate.