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Saturday May 25, 2019 Graduation Day

There will be a Ceremony Rehearsal on Friday May 24th in TA.


Graduates need to be here and lined up as rehearsed, by 11:30 am on May 25th.

Planning -  Due to decorations becoming standardized less student involvement in required.  If you are interested in helping out with Grad please see Ms. Roberts or Ms. Williams for additional information regarding Grad Planning Committee. The first meeting is April 10th at lunch in room 202. Listen for announcements. All Grade 12’s are welcome to attend!

Parent Information Meeting Night  - Tuesday, October 30th @ 7 pm in the Strathmore High School Theater.  We strongly suggest that you attend the meeting to have any questions answered.

Keeping Informed: We encourage all grads to keep informed. Please check the website on a regular basis and sign up for text message updates and information through Remind by texting @shs-grad to (819) 801-0335. If you have urgent questions your student cannot answer you are welcome to phone either of the Grad Advisors (Ms. Roberts or Ms. Williams) at the school (403) 934-3135.

Activities: A mandatory Grad fee of $20 is charged to every graduate regardless of their choice to participate; there is no fundraising. All activities are done for fun and to add to the memory of Grade 12. This $20 mandatory fee goes towards offsetting the cost of lighting, audio visual equipment, decorations, grad gowns, etc...



The Ceremony is at the school and begins at 12 pm. Doors will open at 11:00 am and it should be noted that there is no reserved seating. Elderly guests, or those with medical conditions that make it difficult to wait in line, can be brought to the front doors at 10:45 am and will be allowed entrance. The ceremony consists of congratulatory speeches and presentation of certificates to each student concluding by 2:00 pm.

Every SHS grad will receive 6 Ceremony tickets for their guests to be able to attend the afternoon Ceremony on May 25th. Separate tickets will be required for each event (Ceremony & Celebration). Because each Graduate will receive only 6 guest tickets to the Ceremony, they are encouraged to ask each other for unused tickets. If not all graduates require 6 Ceremony tickets, more tickets may be released at a later date on a first come, first served basis. Graduates do not need a ticket for themselves. Tickets are required to attend the Ceremony this year in order to comply with fire code regulations and not exceed the capacity of the gym (even children will require a ticket).

We will be live streaming the afternoon Ceremony on our Strathmore High School Facebook Page, therefore extended family, elderly, and or younger family members can get together and watch the Ceremony from home.  Click on the following link @StrathmoreHighSchool.  Click on the video/Live (red button)


Ceremony Ticket & Information Board:

On the board outside the Art Room 202 you will find information about Grad 2019 as well as a place to post if you NEED tickets, or HAVE tickets for the afternoon ceremony. Please fill out the Extra Ticket cards with your GHSD email address, name, and the number of tickets you need or have. 



Evening Celebration

Tickets to the Grand March and evening celebration are now available for purchase online where you would pay your school fees. Due to capacity regulations, each student is able to purchase a maximum of 6 tickets at this time. Tickets must be purchased by noon on May 16th. Should there be a surplus of tickets available, more tickets will be released and available until noon on May 17th.  

As tickets have cash value and will not be replaced if lost, they will be handed out to students in TA on May 20th. 

Strathmore High School hosts a celebration in the evening of the Grad day. There will be a grand march, speeches, a dance, and a dessert buffet. Doors open for the evening celebration at 6pm, the grand march starts at 7:30.   

Graduates do not need a ticket for themselves, however their guests and escort (if not a graduate) do. Tickets for guests for the evening celebration cost $15 ea. with children under 3 free. Graduates are eligible to purchase up to 6 tickets. If not all graduates require 6 tickets, more tickets may be released at a later date on a first come, first served basis, once announced.

Tickets will be available for purchase online where you pay school fees (the link is on the home page of our school website at as well as by cash. Listen for announcements as to what days cash sales will be available in the main hall.

Parent/Student Meal: - There is NO organized banquet by the school. Parents and students are encouraged to attend a meal that best suits their family, friends, and financial considerations.  Please see below for more information.

Parent/Student Organized Banquet  - (This is not organized by the Strathmore High School!)



Grad Rings - Jostens will be at SHS previewing Grad rings at lunch in the street ________________. Order Day is _________________.  A $60 deposit for rings will be required. Catalogs are available for preview in the office and the Learning Commons. Click here to start designing your ring on Josten's website!  Ring styles can be viewed on the Jostens Website. Questions concerning rings please contact Sean Kelly.





FUTURE LINKS AND INFORMATION - Not Available Yet! Please keep checking back.

Grad Write-Ups

Each graduate will be asked to write an introduction that will be read while they cross the stage during the Afternoon Ceremony. At the end of April the link to submit your write-up will be opened. If you haven't submitted your Senior Quote, you will need to do this first.  

Access the form here: Grad Write-Up  Not Available Yet


Evening Ticket Purchase Information

Please pay for your tickets ONLINE through the School Cash Online link on the right hand side of the SHS home page.

Tickets will only be available until 10 pm on May 18th. 

You will receive your tickets in TA  on Tuesday May 20. 

Do not lose them as they have cash value and will not be replaced.






Afternoon Ceremony Tickets:

The tickets will be distributed to each graduate in TA/LS begins on April 29th, and every Wednesday following, once fees and eligibility requirements have been addressed. For example: If a graduate has outstanding fees they will need to pay, or create a plan to address the fees, before tickets will be issued to them.  

Common reasons for NOT being able to receive your Afternoon Ceremony tickets:

  • Outstanding/Unpaid Fees

    • Mandatory Spartan Council Fee $10.00 (Pay online, or make arrangements in office)
    • Past Learning Resource Fee $65.00 (Pay online, or make arrangements in office)
    • Mandatory Grad Fee $20.00 (Pay online, or make arrangements in office)
    • Sports Team Fees $Varies (See coach to pay, or make arrangements)
    • Damaged or Lost Text Books $Varies (See the library/learning commons to pay, or make arrangements)

Grad Eligibility: The eligibility list will be posted on April 24th. 

Senior Quotes

Complete the form to have your final say in the yearbook!  Quotes will be printed under your grad portrait.  You have 95 characters (including spaces) to say something heartfelt or witty. For example: "I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me." or "Don't put something stupid for your senior quote." - Mom.  

Quotes are due April 30th, after that Ms. Riley will be hunting you down and putting you on the spot!

Link to Form:


Grad Pow Wow 

All Strathmore High Graduates are Welcome!


Grad Pictures

Grad Pictures - On ______________ there will be a meeting for graduates during TA to explain grad pictures. You can book your appointment with Lifetouch online at starting on ___________. Pictures will be taken by Lifetouch, ___________________.  Please check in for your appointment in the Learning Commons.  From there you will be directed as to where your grad portrait will be taken.  It will be either the Learning Commons or in the Strathmore arena upstairs in the Gold or Blue Room.  All students must have their picture taken by Lifetouch so it can be included in the yearbook and composite. If you are only getting your composite taken please come to the Learning Commons at ________________.  There is NO charge to have photos taken for yearbook & composite.  If you choose a sitting fee there will be a $40 charge payable the day of your sitting which will last approximately 45 min. long.  Students who want their photos done by another company can simply inform the Lifetouch cameraman and no fee will be charged for the two photos taken.  

Attached is a letter that has detailed information regarding Lifetouch Graduation Pictures.  Please review.

To book your Lifetouch appointment

SHS Class of 2019 Newsletter

LIfeTouch Book your Appointment Information