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Chemistry 20 Start of the Year Review Package

Bonding Unit

Organic Chemistry Nomenclature

Predicting Molecular Shapes

Polarity and Forces Key

Lab 3 worksheet

Bonding Review NG #1

Bonding Review NG #2

Bonding Textbook Review KEY


Gas Laws

Intro to Boyle's Law

Gases Notes guide part 2

1. Boyle's Law/ Charles' Law WS 

2. Combined Gas Law NG

3. Combined Gas Law Problems

4. KMT and Avogadro's Theory

5. Molar Volume of Gases

6. Gases Review NG #1

     Gases and Moles WS


7. Ideal Gas Law NG

8. Ideal Gas Law Problems

9. Gases Review NG # 2



1. Solutions and Mixtures NG

2. Properties of Solutions WS

3. Explaining Solutions

4. Explaining Solutions Extra Exercises

5. Solubility and Disassociation Equations

6. Solution Concentration NG

7. Calculating Molar Amount

8. Solution Concentration WS

9. Concentration of Ions

     Solutions NG Review #1

10. Preparation of Solutions

       Preparation of Solutions Worksheet KEY

11. Solubility NG

12. Solubility WS



1. Properties of Acids and Bases NG

2. Naming Acids and Bases Review

3. Properties of Acids and Bases WS

4. Identifying Acids and Bases

5. pH and pOH Calculations

6. Calculating pH BLM

7. Acid Base Indicators NG

8. Acid Base Indicators BLM

9. Explaining Acids and Bases NG

10. The Strength of Acids and Bases NG

11. Solutions Review NG #3


1. Balancing Review

2. Stoichiometry NG

3. Net Ionic Equations, Extra Exercises

4. BLM Writing Net Ionic Equations

5. BLM Gravimetric Stoichiometry Problems

6. Gravimetric Stoichiometry ws

7. Gravimetric Stoich Extra Exercises

8. Stoich Review NG #1

9. Gas Stoich BLM

10. Solution Stoich Problems

       Solution Stoich Extra Exercises

11. Mixed Stoich Quiz

12. Mixed Stoichiometry Extra Examples


13. Intro to Chem Analysis NG

14. Qualitative Analysis Questions

15. Gravimetric Analysis NG

16. Limiting and XS NG

17. Limiting Reactant Problems

18. Expected Quantity of Product Problems

19. Stoich Review NG #2

20. Percent Yield WS

21. Titration Analysis NG

22. Titration Analysis Stoich ws

23. Acid-Base Titration Curves and Indicators

24. Selecting an Indicator

25. Stoich Review NG #3


Bonding and Gases Review

Solutions Review

Stoichiometry Review