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Strathmore In Town

S-01 Run 1 Danielle
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S-01 Run 2 Danielle
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S-02 Run 1 Jesse
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S-02 Run 2 Jesse
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S-03 Run 1 Brenda
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S-03 Run 2 Brenda
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S-04 Run 1 Jeanette
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S-04 Run 2 Jeanette
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S-05 Run 1 Bonny
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S-05 Run 2 Bonny
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S-06 Run 1 Darriel
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S-06 Run 2 Darriel
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S-07 Run 1 Susan
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S-08 Run 1 Tracy V
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S-08 Run 2 Tracy V
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S-09 Run 1 Amber
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S-10 International Run 1- Hank
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Strathmore Out of Town

SM-01 - Ron K
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SM-02 - Dave
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SM-03 - Kevin
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SM-04 - Nicola
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SM-05 - Teresa
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SM-06 - Adriana
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SM-07 - Debbie J
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SM-08 - Lori
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SM-09 - Fred
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SM-10 - Lesley
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SM-11 - Marilyn
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SM-12 - Vicki
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SM-13 - Chelsea
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SM-14 - Candess
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Scholarships & Awards

Apply for scholarships EVEN IF you don't think your grades are good enough!

This page provides a snapshot of options for things to consider when researching scholarships and various awards, including brainstorming ideas and alternative financial-related options.

What is a Scholarship?

  • scholarship is a monetary award based on academic merit or excellence in a specific area of study or personal achievements in various discipline (athletics, music, volunteerism, etc.).  In some cases, schools automatically award entrance or undergraduate scholarships to students based on grades, while other scholarships require an actual application.  The application procedures ar different for each scholarship so be aware of the differences.  Not all scholarships are based on grades - check out Scholarship Connections ( and search by categories: general, academic, financial need, students with disabilities, leadership, athletic, high school, aboriginal.

What is a Bursary?

  • bursary is a monetary grant based primarily on financial need and/or special circumstances.  For example, some bursaries are geared specifically for single parents, disabilities, part-time students, minorities, medical, family-related, or even students training to enter certain male-dominated fields, such as engineering or medicine.  

    Applications for bursaries typically require you to show why you are in need of the assistance and how great your need is.

​What is a Loan?

  • Student loans make up a significant amount of student aid and are typically provided by the government (provincial or federal) or a bank. Interest is withheld for the duration of their schooling after which arrangements are made to re-pay the loan (with interest).  Must have saved $1500 each year you apply.  You can access all student loans online.  Please click on the following link in order to apply.  Student Loans.
    • Students please click on the following link. Before you apply these are student aid websites that may be of interest for you.  BEFORE YOU APPLY

The 2 main links that a student should be looking at are:

Scholarships Canada - Search through this extensive database to find thousands of scholarships, bursaries and grant opportunities.

Universities Canada - Universities, scholarships and more

The following is a list of important links to aid in the search of Scholarships, bursaries and student loan information. 

Academic Invest - lists grants, scholarships, bursaries and employment listings for students and new graduates

ALIS:Scholarships & Bursaries (Post-Secondary Students) - how to apply; background, criteria and forms.

ALIS:Scholarships & Bursaries (High School Students) - how to apply; background, criteria and forms. (Canada Student Grants) - Canada Student Loans.  Grants, bursaries and scholarships that help pay for your post-secondary education that does not need to be paid back (via governments, schools or private organizations)


Scholarships 4 students - Search through this extensive database to find hundreds of scholarships for Canadian High School Students.

Student Aid Alberta/Scholarships - Visit this website to search for information and downloadable applications for scholarships, bursaries and awards.

Student Aid Alberta - This link will provide you access to creating a SIAM's account which you will need to have for applying for scholarships and loans.

Before you Apply/student websites - Receiving and managing your student aid is a process.  Here are the websites you will need to access by clicking on this link.

Universities Canada - Visit this website for additional scholarships.

The following websites are direct links for various Scholarships.  Please note there are different deadlines associated will all scholarships.

AB Agriculture 4-H Scholarship - 4-H Alberta offers members the opportunity to individually realize up to $2,500 in provincial scholarship funds.  By completing one online application, 4-H members will be considered for all of the 4-H Alberta Scholarships for which they are eligible. Applicants can only receive one (1) 4-H Alberta Scholarship, but may also receive a region or district scholarship each year. A number of regional and district scholarships are available to 4-H members also by filling out the online application.

Alexander Rutherford Scholarship - An overview of specs for Alexander Rutherford Scholarship, including forms, deadlines, and grade-by-grade funding application.

Alexander Rutherford Scholarship - Click on this link in order to apply for the Rutherford Scholarship.  On the right hand side please click on the SFS: Login/Apply link in order to create a SIAMS account. The Alexander Rutherford Scholarship is typically availabe year to year in early June.  Please continue to check the website at

Anna Hudson Scholarship Application - The recipient of this scholarship is the one who goes the extra to make school, clubs, teams and/or community work together suucessfully.  The intention of this scholarship is to recognize someone who will not be receiving the top academic or sports awards, most likely becuase they have focused on other people.  Nominees will be chosen first from the area of East Wheatland and if a suitable candidate is not found then widened to the rest of the Golden Hills School Division.

Bayer CropScience Scholarship for Future Leaders in Agriculture - University of Alberta, Guelph, Lethbridge, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.  Deadline May 1.  Canadian or permanent resident; entering first year of an agricultural bachelor degree program.  5 x $5000.

Bill Winsor Scholarship - Any recognized post-secondary institution due April 30.  Male, Canadian citizen; academically gifted, well-rounded, and pursing commerce/finance/business degree/diploma; aimed at students whose parents/guardians do not have Canadian post-secondary education; exemplifies Bill's goal-oriented mindset, enthusiasm, entrepreneurship, positivity and competitiveness all the while fostering an atomosphere of team spirit.

Burger King Scholars Program - Any recognized post-secondary institution.  Deadline for application is December 15.  Canadian residents graduating from Gr. 12 with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale, or equivalent.

Canada's Luckiest Student Scholarship - any recognized post-secondary institution.  Deadline is January 23.  Canadian residents 16+ years old, have a Single Life Network account.  $20,000 + Dell gadget bundle + free trip anywhere.

Canadian Association of Principals - The CAP Student Leadership Award is designed to provide the broadest possible base upon which to evaluate candidates. For the 2015-2016 program, twelve scholarships of $250.00 each will be awarded, one scholarship per CAP provincial/territorial affiliate. Only students graduating in the final year of high school from a Canadian High School are eligible for nomination.

College Board Awards (AP Program) - awards, grants & financial aid for AP students.

David Bentley and Janet Bently High School Excellence Award - One award granted annually to one student in Grade 12 at any Alberta high school.  Preference will be given to applicants who will need to relocate within Alberta in order to attend a post-secondary institution.  Selection is based on involvement in volunteer activities, satisfactory academic achievement, and an expressed interest in pursuing the CPA designation.  Value $2,500.

Elmer & Ona Hansen Memorial Fund Scholarship - with Lethbridge College.  Deadline January 14.  Rural Alberta farm resident who must move to access post-secondary education; based on community service. $2,500.

Equine Scholarships in Alberta - The following is a list of scholarships that are available for Alberta students pursuing equine-related post secondary scholarships.

Golden Hills Scholarships - By clicking on this link you will be re-directed you to the Golden Hlls website page with a list of scholarships and bursaries to help finance your education costs.

Global Young Leaders Conference Scholarship - Due April 10.  Any qualified students, based on financial need, scholastic merit, leadership achievements and other factors.

John Hasselfield Endowment Foundation Memorial Scholarship - Is a cash prize with a deadline of March 1.  This is open to Canadian (citizens or permanent residents) student enrolled an Alberta public school; write a 500-word-or-less essay; provide a letter of reference.

Karthiha Guruparan Scholarship - Any recognized post-secondary institution.  Deadline April 30.  Female; Canadian citizen; academically gifted, well-rounded, and pursuing commerce/finance/business degree/diploma;aimed at students whose parents/guardians do not have Canadian post-secondary education; exemplifies Karthiha's goals and values of family first, thoughtfulness, determination and inspiration.  Value $6,000. 

Monsanto Canada Opportunity Scholarship - The Monsanto Fund Opportunity Scholarship Program is available to Canadian high school students who are enrolled in their final year of high school as of May 29, 2016 and eligible to graduate from high school in 2016. Those eligible for a scholarship must be planning to enroll at a Canadian postsecondary institution (degree or diploma) in a first-year agriculture, food science or culinary program.  $1500.

Morehead-Cain Foundation Scholarship - offers a remarkable, fully funded, 4 year merit scholarship to 60 students to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, each year.  It includes full funding for the school years as well as summer enrichment programs.  The scholarship has a global reach, in 2016 the Morehead-Cain was offered to 5 students from Canada.  Deadline is Oct. 31.

Pat Fletcher Scholarship - Any recognized post-secondary institution due April 30.  Canadian citizens; enrolled in last year of high school and have applied to a post-secondary institution; financial need; dedication to their studies; well-rounded lifestyle including non-academic interestes and community involvement; interest and ability in, and respect for the traditions of golf.

RAP Scholarship - RAP Scholarships were created to recognize the accomplishments of Alberta high school students participating in the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP).  RAP Scholarships encourage students to continue their apprenticeship training after completing high school. In 2012, RAP Scholarships were expanded to include students who have completed a Career and Technology Studies (CTS) apprenticeship pathway. 500 RAP/CTS Scholarships of $1,000 each are available annually.  Deadline to apply is June 30, 2016.

Retail as a Career Scholarship - Any recognized post-secondary institution.  Deadline March 31.  Enrolling in a retail, business or marketing college or university program; currently working within the retail industry; submit an essay.  Value $2,000 - $4,000.

Scouts Canada Scholarship Program - Any recognized post-secondary institution due April 1.  Students younger than 26; demonstrated Scouting history, involvement and achievement; leadership contributions to Scouting; community leadership; scholastic achievements; attitude and aptitude.

Shad Valley Summer Enrichment Program - Deadline is December 12.  Any grade 10-12 student with high overall academic achievement and leadership qualities; a passion for math & sciences; creative, entrepreneurial-minded, driven; excellent communication skills; participation in extracurricular activities.  It would be a month living on campus.

Stacey Levitt Memorial Award - Open to anyone currently attending a Canadian secondary school.  Deadline is February 29.  Canadian youth to embody Stacey's qualities and ideals, and Parachute's overarching goal of a long life lived to the fullest, while maintaining an approach that is rooted in risk management and injury prevention.  Value $2,500.

TD Scholarship for Community Leadership - Any recognized Canadian post-secondary institution.  Deadline is Nov. 28.  Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident; in final year of high  school; demonstrated outstanding community involvement and leadership; minimum average of 75% in most recently completed school year, write an essay. 20 x $10,000 for tuition/yr + $7,500/yr stipend + summer job.

Terry Fox Humanitarian - The maximum value of the award is $28,000, dispersed over four (4) years. A stipend of $7,000 is issued directly to the institution each year in two installments of $3,500, one in September and one in January. For students who do not pay tuition fees, the award is $3,500 per year, issued directly to the institution in two installments of $1,750 each.  Recipients of the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award may not receive more than $15,000 in total scholarships annually (including the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award). If a student’s awards exceed this amount, any excess will be deducted from the student’s Terry Fox Award.  If a student’s academic expenses are covered by another source, they may choose to decline acceptance of the financial portion of the award. They will still be granted the distinction of being a Terry Fox Scholar.

Union Plus Education Foundation - The Union Plus Scholarship program is an example of the U.S. labor movement's commitment to higher education. Click here and learn more about the scholarship. Since 1992, Union Privilege, through the Union Plus Scholarship program has helped fulfill the educational dreams of students representing more than 13 million working families across the nation.  The Union Plus Scholarship awards are presented annually to union members or members of their families who want to begin or continue their post-secondary education. In 2015, some 106 union members and union family members have been awarded $150,000 in scholarships, ranging from $500 to $4,000.

University of Calgary Awards 

University of Alberta Undergraduate Scholarships & Awards

Wheatland County Agriculture BursaryThe Wheatland County Agricultural Service Board invites Students past and present who are planning on furthering their studies in the field of agriculture to apply for local assistance.   Up to four $500.00 Bursaries are available to students who are residents within the boundaries of Wheatland County. Previous Bursary recipients are not eligible. The application deadline is September 27th.

Young Emerging Professionals Award - Two awards available to Alberta high school students.  In addition to satisfactory academic standing, applicants must also demonstrate the following qualities in their applications; professionalism, integrity, ethics, and leadership.