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Strathmore In Town

S-01 Run 1 Jim
On time
Updated: Aug 26 at 8:39 PM
S-02 Run 1 Kevin
On time
Updated: Nov 9 at 8:46 PM
S-02 Run 2 Kevin
On time
Updated: Nov 9 at 8:46 PM
S-03 Run 1 Andrew
On time
Updated: Aug 27 at 4:47 PM
S-03 Run 2 Andrew
On time
Updated: Aug 27 at 4:47 PM
S-04 Run 1 Jeanette
On time
Updated: Aug 26 at 8:39 PM
S-04 Run 2 Jeanette
On time
Updated: Aug 26 at 8:39 PM
S-05 Run 1 Robert
On time
Updated: Oct 15 at 5:58 AM
S-05 Run 2 Robert
On time
Updated: Oct 15 at 5:58 AM
S-06 Run 1 Leslie
On time
Updated: Feb 11 at 1:41 PM
S-06 Run 2 Leslie
On time
Updated: Feb 11 at 1:41 PM
S-07 Run 1 Susan
On time
Updated: Aug 26 at 8:39 PM
S-07 Run 2 Susan
On time
Updated: Aug 26 at 8:39 PM
S-08 Run 1 Teresa
On time
Updated: Aug 27 at 10:00 AM
S-08 Run 2 Teresa
On time
Updated: Aug 27 at 10:00 AM
S-09 Run 1 Tammie
On time
Updated: Feb 11 at 1:41 PM
S-09 Run 2 Tammie
On time
Updated: Feb 11 at 1:41 PM
S-10 International Hank
On time
Updated: Aug 26 at 8:41 PM

Strathmore Out of Town

SM-01 - Ron K
On time
Updated: Aug 26 at 8:36 PM
SM-02 - Suzie
On time
Updated: Aug 26 at 8:36 PM
SM-03 - Dave
On time
Updated: Aug 26 at 8:36 PM
SM-04 - Nicola
On time
Updated: Nov 1 at 2:18 PM
SM-05 - Susan M
On time
Updated: Aug 26 at 8:37 PM
SM-06 - Adriana
On time
Updated: Feb 11 at 1:08 PM
SM-07 - Danielle
On time
Updated: Feb 11 at 2:16 PM
SM-08 - Lori
On time
Updated: Feb 11 at 8:56 PM
SM-09 - Fred
On time
Updated: Aug 26 at 8:37 PM
SM-10 - Amber
On time
Updated: Feb 11 at 2:16 PM
SM-11 - Marilyn
On time
Updated: Feb 11 at 1:46 PM
SM-12 - Jenn
On time
Updated: Aug 26 at 8:37 PM
SM-13 - Jessica
On time
Updated: Feb 8 at 2:02 PM
SM-14 - Lindsay
On time
Updated: Aug 26 at 8:37 PM

News Archive

Class of 2021 Graduation Photos

This is a reminder for Grade 12 students to please ensure you have booked your appointment with Lifetouch online for your grad pictures.  All students must have their picture taken by Lifetouch so it can be included in the yearbook and composite. There is NO charge to have photos taken for yearbook & composite.  This appointment must be booked online. Appointments start Monday, March 1 to Fr...

Grad 2021

Graduation will take place on the weekend of June 25-27, 2021 Just like everything else this year, graduation 2021 is going to be different. In all likelihood Grad 2021 will be an outdoor event similar to what was done for the class of 2020. In preparation for an outdoor graduation ceremony, we have decided to push the date back to the weekend of June 25-27th, 2021. Moving the ceremonies to t...

SHS Aquaponics and Hydroponics

Mr. Hintz Science 10-4 class now has a website at They began the semester building various hydroponic systems.  The @atlasscientific wifi kit they received is so awesome and provides the pH, EC and Temps in real time.  You can see what we have been up to this semester and also check out the fish tank parameters in real time....

Diploma Exam Information

Any students who are choosing to write a diploma exam, these will be written in room 217 and will start at 8:40 each day. Students can go directly to room 217 on the day they are writing.  English Part A is on Monday January 11 and Social Studies is on Tuesday January 12.  All other Diploma exam dates are posted on the school calendar.

Return to School on Monday, January 11th

As I am sure everyone is now aware, we will be returning to in person classes starting again this coming Monday, January 11.  It again feels like it has been a long stretch without students in the building and we are very much looking forward to welcoming all our students back.   There are number of items that we want to remind students of as they prepare to return to classes on Monday: 1...

Adjusted Bell Schedule for January 2021

Please see the adjusted Bell Schedule effective Monday, January 21, 2021

GHSD welcomes all students back to in-person learning!

Golden Hills School Division welcomes all students back to in-person learning! We trust that you have had an excellent winter break and we are looking forward to welcoming back all students, kindergarten to grade 12, to regular in school learning on Monday, January 11, 2021. This coming Monday, all buses will be running and all schools will be operating as they were prior to December 2020....

Semester 2 Course Changes

Students if you require core course changes and option class changes be sure to contact Mrs. Galandy or Ms. Westgard to get your schedule ready for semester 2.  Mrs. Galandy -  Ms. Westgard -  

Golden Hills Schools Relaunch Guide 2020/2021

Golden Hills Schools Relaunch Guide 2020/2021 is available HERE, this document reflects the most recent information provided by Alberta Health Services and Alberta Education. 

Zoom Instructions for Parent Teacher Interviews

Dear Parents, Please find attached detailed instructions on how to open Zoom meetings for Parent Teacher Interviews tomorrow. Zoom Parent Instructions

PowerSchool Instructions for PTI's

Parent Teacher Interviews Parents do you know how to check your students teachers comments and marks on PowerSchool?  Here are some helpful PowerSchool videos that will help with logging into an account, and checking class marks.   How parents can sign up for PowerSchool How to see teacher comments  How to check your schedule        

Chasing Clouds

Please enjoy the first episode of the "documentary" Chasing Clouds from Mr. Laslos' promotions class.  

UPDATE November 25 - Provincial Health Order

Dear Golden Hills Parents, Following the Premier’s update last night and a new Health Order, Golden Hills’ schools have begun planning for the shift in learning that will occur for junior and senior high students next week. Starting Monday, November 30, Grades 7-12 students will be moving to learning at home for the next 3 weeks until Christmas break.  This learning at home will be d...

UPDATE November 2 - Alberta Health Services Daily Screening Tool

Alberta Health has updated the daily screening tool.  The most significant change reflects two separate screening tools for staff/adults and students. The New Student Screening Tool: In the new screening tool that has been developed for students, the critical core symptoms have changed. Students experiencing any of the core symptoms must self-isolate for 10 days:  Fever ...

Golden Hills Launches ONLINE Daily Screening Tool

Golden Hills School Division has launched an online form to complete the AHS Daily Screening Tool.  Scan the QR code with your phone Complete the questions Submit All of our Golden Hills' schools have appreciated the support of parents, students, and staff in their use of the screening tool on a daily basis.   

SHS Fees

Hello Strathmore High School Parents and Guardians, Strathmore High School fees are ready to be paid.  All fees must be paid online through the School Cash Online System.  If you do not have an account we have a link to this service on the homepage of our website.       As the year progresses and we begin to have more events we will add the...

Parent Instructions for Powerschool

There are two videos attached prepared by Mr. Laslo's promotion class on how parents can sign up for PowerSchool and also complete student verifications. How parents can sign up for PowerSchool   How parents can complete student verifications

October Cafeteria Menu

October Cafeteria Menu

Information Regarding Graduating From Our Counsellors

Our counsellors have completed their Grade 12 Graduating - How to Get to the Finish Line powerpoint presentation.  Please find attached all the detailed information for your reference. Graduating - How to Get to the Finish Line

PowerSchool How-to videos

Check out these awesome PowerSchool how to videos created by Jaxon Sackett in Mr. Laslo's promotion class.

2020-2021 Bell Schedule

It is a little different this year!  Here is the NEW bell schedule for the 2020-2021 school year.

What is School Like?

Please enjoy our recent video from Mr. Laslo's promotions class!  Students and teachers describe what it is like being back in school for the 2020-2021 year.  Mr. Larson also provides a welcome back speech.

First Day of Class - Bell Schedules

We are so excited to welcome SHS students safely back into our school.  Please find attached the first day Bell Schedules for Grade 10, Grade 11 and Grade 12.  

Message from Mr. Larson Regarding Back to School

Good afternoon Strathmore High School Families, We are  excited to welcome back our students to the start of the 2020-2021 school year! As a school we have been working hard to get ready for what is certain to be a unique restart.  We believe it is important to inform you of some of the changes that we are planning to implement to keep our students and staff safe when school reopens. Sta...

Grade 10 School Tours

Grade 10's are you feeling anxious about where your class is?  Well we have some exciting news as SHS will be hosting school tours! On Friday, August 28th and Monday, August 31st - Strathmore High School will be offering school tours safely to our Grade 10 students!  Starting at 9:00 am to 11:00 am every 15 minutes we will be offering tours of the High School.  Please arrive at 9:00/9:15/9...

Grade 10 School Supply List

Good Morning Grade 10s! We are so looking forward to meeting you on Tuesday and Wednesday September 1st and 2nd with our special staggered entry this year.  Just a reminder that students with last names beginning A-K will come on September 1,3, and 8 and students with last names beginning L-Z will be here September 2, 4, and 9.  All students will come from September 10 on. As you prepare f...

2020 Football Season

Football season has been postponed until Sept 1. Coach Gorski will be meeting with all interested players during the first week of school to discuss the season outlook and fall training camp. If you have any further question please email.

June 2020 Diploma Exams - CANCELLED

June 2020 Diploma Exams are still cancelled for all SHS students enrolled in a diploma course this semester.

Strathmore High School Awards 2019-2020

Our SHS Award recipients were announced over social media this year. The list of winners is below. You can find our winner announcement videos on our YouTube channel here.  Congratulations to our SHS students; we are very proud of you! Award  Student ATA Grade 12 Award Travis Edwards Edward and Hazel Risdon Award Haylee...

2019-20 SHS Athletic Awards

Our Athletic Awards ceremony took a new format this year, with Coaches announcing our Athletics Awards in video format over our social media accounts. All the videos have been posted to our YouTube channel and are available in a playlist here: 2019-20 SHS Athletic Awards Congratulations to all our award winners!

Credits for Q4 Option Classes

Many of you have questions regarding credits that you would have received for your Q4, 3-credit options.  Please refer to the following information:     1. You will receive 3 Unallocated Credits for each quarter class you were scheduled to take in Q4 so you will not be short any credits because of COVID 19.     2. These Unallocated credits will be general - they will not be in Photo, o...

Grade 10 & 11 Course Selection Information and Materials

Course Selection Time is Here for our current Grade 10 and 11 students!  The SHS PowerSchool will be open for course selections for the 2020-21 year from now until 4:00 pm on Friday, May 1.  Grade 9 students coming from Crowther Memorial Junior High School, George Freeman School and Trinity Christan Academy you will NOT be choosing your courses through Powerschool.  Please read all of the i...

Summer Calm

Summer CALM: Running June 19th to July 30th. There is an option to register for Summer CALM on PowerSchool with your other course selections. Contact Ms. McKay for more information at


Congratulations, once again, to our 2019 Award recipients.  We are so proud of the contributions they have made to our school and the community.  Thank you to our generous donors as we were able to award over $24,000 in scholarship money to these deserving students. Click on the link to view our outstanding student award recipients:  2019 AWARD RECIPIENTS This year’s awards application...

Students Create Something New Today!

Well, it's been more than a month! The teachers and staff at SHS have put together a collection of lessons/projects based on different option classes and hobbies that you might find interesting, if you're bored! Just follow the link below to view the different projects, and contact the teacher/staff member in charge if you are interested in taking a look! All projects are not for credit and just f...

New Website For Learning At Home

Golden Hills School Division has just released this helpful resource to support parents and students in the areas of learning, wellness, and technology while at home.

A Message From Strathmore High School

A message from our principal Mr. Kyle Larson.  Stay safe and enjoy your spring break!

Need a laptop?

The Electronic Recycling Association in Canada has a program where families can purchase, lease, rent, and even ask for a free laptop during the current crisis. If you have a family that is looking for a device for free, or really cheap, this may be an option for them.     

2020 Yearbooks Update

No matter what ends up happening, there will still be a yearbook!  Keep checking your school emails - you're going to get a few chances to help us with content!  Grads Senior Superlatives are coming.

Student Personal Belongings Pick-Up Schedule

Students and Parents, thanks for your understanding as we try to organize ourselves for what is going to become the new normal for the immediate future.   With the immediate school cancellation we want to be able to ensure all students have an opportunity to pick up all of their personal belongings.  We would like to encourage all students to come in on their scheduled day to clean out thei...

Orientation Night on April 1, 2020 - Postponed Indefinitely

Please note - Grade 9 Orientation Night on April 1 has been postponed indefinitely. RE: HIGH SCHOOL REGISTRATION 2020-21 During the next few months students in Grade Nine Health classes will be discussing such topics as the transition to high school, the credit system, diploma requirements, and course selection. Counselors from Strathmore High School will be speaking to Grade Nine studen...

June 2020 Final Exam Schedule

Please find attached the June 2020 Final Exam Schedule Click on Final Schedule

Spring Formal 2020 IS CANCELLED

Spring is in the air and so is the Formal.  On April 3 at 7:30 - SHS will be hosting the Spring Formal dessert and dance.  Tickets are $5 and can be purchased through School Cash Online.

Sustainable Solutions for Schools (Net Zero)

In March 2018, Strathmore High School started a new course known as the Net Zero Program.  The Net Zero program at our school is now known as 'Sustainable Solutions for Schools'.  This is a program at Strathmore High School that is student-led with the ultimate goal of innovating the future of energy for schools, businesses and homes alike.  We now have a working website.  Please check it out...

Need a Scholarship?

Attention Grade 12 students!  Are you attending post secondary school in the fall?  With the March/Spring break approaching, we wanted to share a list of scholarships (over $850,000) that are available to students over the break. March Break Scholarships. Not all awards will apply to all students. For students to get a list customized to them and weekly email reminders of deadlines, they sho...

Grade 10 Alberta Education Accountability Pillar Survey

Grade 10 please click on the link to completed.     

Alberta Health Services Coronavirus Update

Please read the attached Memo on Coronavirus from Alberta Health Services to schools.

Alberta Education Accountability Pillar Survey

Complete the survey online by February 21, 2020.  (You will need the 8-digit random  access code that was mailed to you, in order to complete the survey online). To Parent and Guardians of all Grade 10 Students at Strathmore High School: As an annual check-up on the education system, the Accountability Pillar provides an opportunity for Alberta Educ...

Happy Holidays from SHS

Enjoy this video:  Happy Holidays

New Garbage Bins!

The net zero and save our roots team have finally gotten their hands on new garbage bins for our entire school! Keep an eye out for the new bins and please try and be mindful to use them properly. Thanks in advance!  Hey! Are you passionate about environmental sustainability? Would you like to be apart of the first net zero school in canada? Look no further! Join our net zero group in room 1...